The following list of children’s books was compiled by First Fortnight and Children’s Book Ireland. These books were selected to promote non-judgemental and positive mental health attitudes. We also hope they will encourage communication around mental health and feelings within families. It will also aim to lay the framework about attitudes towards mental health and to let children know that it’s okay to not feel okay all the time.

If you have any recommendations yourself, please do let us know!


Author Illustrator Title Publisher Edition Cover price ISBN
Kes Grays Lee Wildish Mum and Dad Glue Hodder PB £6.99 9780340957110
Suzanne Lang Max Lang Families, Families, Families! Picture Corgi PB £6.99 9780552572927
Mary Hoffman Ros Asquith The Great Big Book of Families Frances Lincoln HB £8.99 9781847805874
Ame Dyckman Zachariah Ohora Wolfie the Bunny Andersen Press HB £11.99 9781783443864
Kelly DiPucchio Christian Robins Gonaston Atheneum HB £10.99 9781442451025
Kyo Maclear Isabelle Arsenau Sltpork Kids Can Press HB £11.99 9781553377368
Ulf Stark Eva Eriksson When Dad Showed me the Universe Gecko Press HB £10.99 9781927271810
Debi Gilori Debi Gilori No Matter What Absolute Press PB £6.99 9780747588160
Chih-Yuan Chen Chih-Yuan Chen Guji Guji Gecko Press PB £6.99 9781877467431
Ulf Stark Anna Höglund Can You Whistle, Johanna? Gecko Press HB £8.99 9780958259859
Jutta Bauer Jutta Bauer Grandpa’s Guardian Angel Walker Books PB £5.99 9781406306033
Simona Ciraolo Simona Ciraolo Whatever Happened to my Sister? Flying Eye Books HB £11.99 9781909263529
Liz Weir Karin Littlewood When Dad Was Away Frances Lincoln HB £11.99 9781845079130



Author Illustrator Title Publisher Edition Cover price ISBN
Simon James Simon James Leon and Bob Walker Books PB £6.99 9781406308495
Mo Willems Mo Willems (Elephant and Piggie) My Friend is Sad Walker Books PB £4.99 9781406338478
Bob Graham Bob Graham A Bus Called Heaven Walker Books PB £6.99 9781406343717
Quentin Blake Quentin Blake The 5 of Us Tate HB £11.99 9781849763042
Linda Sarah Benji Davies On Sudden Hill Simon & Schuster PB £6.99 9781471119293
Margaret Roc Laura Hughes Jellybean Goes to School Tamarind PB £6.99 9781848530751
Jen Wojtowicz Steve Adams The Boy Who Grew Flowers Barefoot Books PB £5.99 9781846867484
Kathryn Cave Chris Riddell Something Else Puffin PB £6.99 9780141338675



Author Illustrator Title Publisher Edition Cover price ISBN
Mary Hoffman Ros Asquith The Great Big Book of Feelings Frances Lincoln PB £12.99 9781847802811
Amanda McCardie Salvatore Rubbin A Book of Feelings Walker Books HB £11.99 9781406355994
Virginia Ironside Frank Rodgers The Huge Bag of Worries Hodder Children’s Books PB £6.99 9780340903179
Keith Negley Keith Negley Tough Guys (Have Feelings Too) Flying Eye Books HB £11.99 9781909263666
Alicia Potter Birgitta Sif Miss Hazeltine’s Home for Shy and Fearful Cats Walker Books HB £11.99 9781406362381
Diana Hendry Jane Chapman The Very Noisy Night Little Tiger Press HB £4.99 9781845065225
Eric Carle Eric Carle The Bad-Tempered Ladybird Puffin PB £6.99 9780141332031
Yasmeen Ismail Yasmeen Ismail Specs for Rex Bloomsbury PB £6.99 9781408836972
David Mackintosh David Mackintos Whats up Mumu Harper Collins HB £12.99 9780007463091
Sophy Henn Sophy Henn Pom Pom gets the grumps Puffin PB £6.99 9780723299165
Ailsa Burrows Ailsa Burrows Jar of Happyness Child’s Play PB £5.99 9781846437281
Felix Massie Felix Massie Terry Perkins and his upside down frown Frances Lincoln HB £11.99 9781847806208
Levi Pinfold Levi Pinfold The Black Dog Templar Publishing PB £6.99 9781848777484
Hiawyn Oram Satoshi Kitamur Angry Arthur Anderson Press PB £6.99 9781842797746
Carol Ann Duffy Nicoletta Ceccol The Tear Thief Barefoot Books PB £6.99 9781846866227
Hannah Cumming Hannah Cummins The Cloud Child’s Play International PB £5.99 9781846433436
Fanny Britt Isabelle Arsena ltane, the Fox and Me WalkerBooks HB £15.00 9781406353044


Author Illustrator Title Publisher Edition Cover price ISBN
Sue Heap Sue Heap Mine! Walker Books PB £6.99 9781406361063
Rebecca Ashdown Rebecca Ashdown The Whopper Templar Publishing PB £6.99 9781783702688
Nick Daly Nick Daly Nicolas and the Wild Ones Frances Lincoln HB £12.99 9781847806161
Sophie Henn Sophie Henn Pom Pom the Champion Puffin PB £6.99 9780723299844
Steve Anthony Steve Anthony Please Mr Panda Hodder PB £6.99 9781444916652
Peter Brown Peter Brown My Teacher is a Monster!( (No, I am Not) Macmillan PB £6.99 9781447257486
David Mackintosh David Mackintosh Marshall Armstrong is New to Our School Harper Collins PB £6.99 9780007361427
Mo Willems Mo Willems Knuffle
Walker Books PB £6.99 9781406336498
Mari-Louise Fitzpatrick Mari-Louise Fitzpatrick The NEw Kid Hodder PB £6.99 9781444908190
Kyo Maclear Isabelle Arsena Virginia Wolf Kids Can Press HB £11.99 9781554536498

Creative Expression

Author Illustrator Title Publisher Edition Cover price ISBN
Peter H.Reynolds Peter H.Reynolds Dot Walker Books PB £5.99 9781844281695
Peter H.Reynolds Peter H.Reynolds Ish Walker Books PB £5.99 9781844282968
Dr. Seuss Dr. Seuss My Many Coloured Days Red Fox PPB £7.99 9780099266594
Menena Cottín Rosana Faria The Black Book of Colours

Walker Books

HB £12.99 9781406322187
Aaron Becker Aaron Becker Journey

Walker Books

PB £7.99 9781406355345
Sharon Creech Atinuke Lauren Tobia Love that Dog Bloomsbury PB £5.99 9780747557494
JonArno Lawson Sydney Smith Footpath Flowers

Walker Books

HB £6.99 9781406362084
Birgitta Sif

Birgitta Sif

Frances Dean Who Loved to Dance and Dance

Walker Books

PB £11.99 9781406360790

Birgitta Sif

Birgitta Sif


Walker Books

PB £6.99


Anna McQuinn

Rosalind Beards

Lulu Loves Flowers

Alanna Books




Anna McQuinn

Rosalind Beards

Lulu Loves Stories

Alanna Books





Author Illustrator Title Publisher Edition Cover price ISBN
Marta Altes Marta Altes My Grandpa


PB £5.99 9781447202592
Oliver Jeffers Oliver Jeffers The Heart and the Bottle


PB  £6.99 9780007182343
Julia Donaldson Rebecca Cobb The Paper Dolls


PB £6.99 9781447220145
Benji Davies Benji Davies Grandad’s Island

Simon & Schuster

PB  £6.99 9781471119958
Michael Rosen Quentin Blake Michael Rosen’s Sad Book


PB £6.99 9781406317848
Debi Gliori Alan Durant Always and Forever

Picture Corgi

PB £7. 99 9780552567657
Charlotte Moundlie Olivier Tellac The Scar

Walker Books

PB £6.99 9781406344158
Rebecca Cobb Rebecca Cobb Missing Mummy: A book about Bereavement

Walker Books

PB  £5.99 9780230749511
John Burmingham John Burmingham


Red Fox

PB £7. 99 9780099434085
Susan Varley Susan Varley

Badger’s Parting Gifts

Andersen Press

PB £6.99 9781849395144
Wolf Erlbruch

Wolf Erlbruch

Duck, Death and the Tulip

Gecko Press

PB  £6.99 9781877467172
Isabel Minhos Martins

Madalena Matos

Where do we go to when we disappear

Tate Publishing

HB £8.99 9781849761604


Our World

Author Illustrator Title Publisher Edition Cover price ISBN
Carson Ellis Carson Ellis Home Walker Books HB £11.99 9781406359428
John Burke Kathi ‘Fatti’ Burke Irelandopedia Gill and Macmillan HB €24.99 9780717169382
Lucy Letherland Lucy Leatherland Atlas of Adventures Wide Eyed Editions HB £20.00 9781847805850
Martin Haake Martin Haake City Atlas Wide Eyed Editions HB  £20.00 9781847806482
Lotta Niemenen Lotta Niemenen Walk tis World Big Picture Press HB  £14.99 9781848778245
Wright, Danielle Mique Moriuchi My Village: Rhymes from Around the World Frances Lincoln HB £11.99 9781847806277
Debjani Chatterjee Shirin Adl Let’s Celebrate! Frances Lincoln PB £8.99 9781847804792
Eds: Debjani Chatterjee Shirin Adl Let’s Play: Poems About Sports and Games Frances Lincoln PB  £7.99 9781847805843
Bob Graham Bob Graham How the Sun Got to Coco’s House Walker Books HB £11.99 9781406359008
Bob Graham Bob Graham Vinilla Ice Cream Walker Books HB  £11.99 9781406350098
Fran Manushkin Lauren Tobia Happy inour Skin Walker Books HB £11.99 9780763670023
Eithne Massey Marie Thorhaug The Dreaming Tree O’Brien Press HB €7.99 9781847171580
Enda Wyley Marie Thorhaug I Won’t Go To China O’Brien Press HB €7.99 9781847171597
Natasha Mac a’Bháird Ray Forkan Olanna’s Big Day O’Brien Press HB €7.99 9781847171719
P R Prendergast Ross Stewart The Romanian Builder O’Brien Press HB €7.99 9781847171054


Author Illustrator Title Publisher Edition Cover price ISBN
Amnesty International Amnesty International Diornealms of Freedom Frances Lincoln HB £12.99 9781847804532
Amnesty International Amnesty International We Are All Born Free Frances Lincoln PB £7.99 9781847806635
Sarah Garland Sarah Garland Azzi In Between Frances Lincoln PB £7.99 9781847806512
Steve Antony Steve Antony Green Lizards vs Red Rectangles Hodder HB £11.99 9781444920109
Maxine Trottier Isabelle Arsena Migrant Groundwood Books HB £12.49 9780888999757
Patti Kim Sonya Sanchéz Here I am Curios Fox PB  £6.99 9781782022268
Michael Foreman Michael Foreman The Seeds of Friendship Walker Books HB £11.99 9781406356502
Ted Hughes Laura Carlin The Iron Man Walker Books PB £12.99 9781406329575
 Michael Hall Michael Hall Red: A Crayon’s Story Greenwillow Books HB £12.99 9780062252074
Nikki Cornwell Erika Pal Christophe’s Story  Frances Lincoln PB  £5.99 9781847802507
 Nikki Cornwell Erika Pal Armel’s Revenge  Frances Lincoln PB £5.99 9781847802248


Tales from Around the World

Author Illustrator Title Publisher Edition Cover price ISBN
Rita Jahanforuz Vali Mintzi The Girl With a Brave Heart Barefoot Books PB PB £6.99 9781846869303
Margaret Bateson Hill Francesca Peliz Llai o Lao of Dragon Mountain Alanna Books HB £11.99 9781907825149
Margaret Bateson Hill Francesca Peliz Mliasha and the Firebird Alanna Books HB £11.99 9781907825156
Atinuke Warwick Johnson Cadwell ThCeanduwmelbler 1 car spotter Walker Books PB  £4.99 9781406320770
Marguerite Abouet, Mathieu Sapin Akissi Flying Eye Books HB  £9.99 9781909263017
Mal Peet & Elspeth Graha PJ Lynch Mysterious Traveller Walker Books PB £7.99 9781406354522
Mal Peet & Elspeth Graha Juan Wijngaard Cloud Tea Monkeys Walker Books PB £7.99 9781406333862
Atinuke Lauren Tobia Double Trouble for Anna Hibiscus Walker Books PB  £11.99 9781406347012
Frank Cottrell Boyce The Unforgotten Coat Walker Books PB £7.99 9781406341546
Na’ima B Robert Valentina Caval Going to Mecca Frances Lincoln PB £6.99 9781847804907
Michael Morpurgo Christian Birmin ThhaemButterfly Lion Harper Collins PB £5.99 9780006751038
Eric Maddern Frané Lessac The Fire Children Frances Lincoln PB  £7.99 9781847806529
Beverley Naidoo Piet Grobler Who Is King? And other tales from Africa Frances Lincoln PB £14.99 9781847805140


Positive Role Models

Author Illustrator Title Publisher Edition Cover price ISBN
Karen Owen Barroux I Could Be, You Could Be Barefoot Books PB PB £5.99 9781846867637
Gabriel Fitzmaurice Nicky Phelan  I’m Proud to be Me Mercier Press PB PB €7.99 9781856354745
David Almond Polly Dunbar My Dad’s a Birdman Walker Books PB PB £5.99 9781406354409
Nadia Shireen Nadia Shireen Good Little Wolf Jonathan Cape PB PB  £6.99 9781780080017
Gemma Merino Gemma Merino The Crocodile Who Didn’t Like Water Macmillan PB PB £6.99 9781447214717
Anne Fine Bill’s new frock Egmont PB PB £5.99 9781405233187
Yasmeen Ismail Yasmeen Ismail I’m a girl Bloomsbury PB PB £6.99 9781408857007
Kate Beaton Kate Beaton The Princess and the Pony Walker Books PB PB £6.99 9781406365382
Benjamin Zephaniah When I Grow Up Frances Lincoln HB HB £11.99 9781847800596
Andrea Beaty David Roberts Iggy Peck, Architect Abrams Books PB PB £5.99 9780810989283
Andrea Beaty David Roberts Rosie Revere Abrams Books HB HB £9.99 9781419708459
Deborah Underwood Meg Hunt Interstellar Cinderella Chronicle Books HB  £10.99 9781452125329